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General Hospital ”Saint Pantelejmon – Sofia” is created specially for surgical treatment of patients. We perform very complex surgical procedures, and for those patients we have hospital beds. We also offer treatment in an out-patients department for cases that don’t require hospital stay.

Both hospitalized and outpatients can use our services under the conditions of the contract with the National Health Insurance Fund, as well as private patients.

At the surgical department we have specialized Otolaryngology unit, for outpatient and surgical treatment of diseases of the ears, nose and throat.

Our hospital diagnoses and performs surgical treatment of diseases of the ears, nose and throat, by using modern endoscopic and minimally invasive methods.
We have operation room, equipped specially for otolaryngological surgical procedures. We perform the whole range of surgical interventions, including operations for hearing improvement in cases of otosclerosis, operations for correction of labored nose breathing, endoscopic nasal operations and operations of the paranasal sinuses, operations of the soft palate and tonsils in patients with snoring, operations of neck and salivary gland cysts, microsurgery in cases of benign laryngeal growths, nose and ear plastic surgery.

Procedures are performed under general anesthesia and require one day hospital stay.