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We understand that hospitalization can be inconvenient and stressful for the patients and their families. That’s why our team provides for you comfortable and filled with care atmosphere . We also take into consideration our responsibility for the comfort of your relatives, and kindly answer all their questions.

To fully inform you, before your admittance at the hospital, is the approach we have chosen in order to help you wade through the stress and the tension.

Please, read the following section to get familiar with the hospital and the general procedures, which you’ll have to follow during your stay in the hospital. The procedures are common for walking patients and patients that need hospitalization. We would like to introduce you to some of the distinguishing features, which make “Saint Pantaleimon – Sofia” preferable choice for people searching surgical help. Here we will show you step by step what to expect during your stay at the hospital. You will have the opportunity to see the procedures you will have to follow from your admittance to your discharge. Here you can also find information valuable for your visitors- visiting hours, frequently asked questions, and more.