Orthopedy and Traumatology

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Orthopedic and Traumatology department at General Hospital ”Saint Pantaleimon – Sofia” is specialized in diseases and traumas of the locomotory system. At the hospital we treat all kinds of diseases and traumas, but predominantly traumatic conditions- lacerations, ligament ruptures of the meniscus in the knee joint and cartilage trauma. Traumas like fractures, luxations and sprains vary from simple to very serious medical conditions, which are no threat to patient’s life and the function of the limbs.

Expert treatment of upper and lower limb fractures. Alloplasty of shoulder, knee, hip and ankle joints.

The hospital is specialized in mini-invasive surgical interventions which help to reduce the healing time to a minimum. ”Saint Pantaleimon – Sofia” has a leading position in the field of endoscopic traumatology.

Some of the best athletes in the country trust their health in our hands. We help them fully recover and return to sport.

Orthopedic and Traumatology department has specialist in kinesitherapy, who help our patients in the early stages of their rehabilitation.