Dr. Margarita Kiurkchieva



Doctor Margarita Kiurkchievaa works in the filed of diagnostics, medicinal intracavitar brachytherapy, and her preferred topics of interest are diagnostics, prevention and treatment of female genital cancer.
1977-1980 – Obstetrician at a delivery room at Regional Hospital- Goce Delchev
1981- 1982г. Gynecologist at XVII Policlinic- Sofia

Proffessional Experience

1982-present – Gynecologist, oncologist and Head of Consultative-diagnostic block at National Specialized Oncology Hospital- Sofia. Currently a member of Saint Pantaleimon’s team.
Member of European Association for Cancer Research
Member of Bulgarian Cancer Association
Member of Bulgarian National Association of Oncology
Currently – General hospital ”St. Pantaleimon”, Sofia


1977 – Master degree in medical sciences at ”Medical Academy”- Sofia
1988 – Specialty in Gynecology
1989 – Postdegree education at All-Union Oncology Scientific Research Center – Moscow, Russia
1995 – Specialty in Oncology


Author and coauthor of multiple scientific articles, publications and expert reports
Co creator of a wound healing medical product