Associate Professor Dr. Rumyana Markova

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Associate prof. Dr. Rumyana Kirilova Markova, MD is a specialist in clinical immunology, with over 40 of years experience. Her professional interests are in the field of infectious immunology, in particular Tuberculosis and HIV. She is a pioneer and has extensive experience in the administration of IFN-gamma-based (IGRA) tests in immunodetection of tuberculosis infection, which was first introduced by her in Europe and Bulgaria in 1999. In General Hospital ”St. Pantaleimon” associate prof. Dr. Rumyana Kirilova Markova performs testing for tuberculosis T-SPOT.TB.

Professional Experience:

1973-1982: National Centre of Oncology, Division of Immunology and Virology
1982-1996: Military Medical Academy, Center for Clinical Immunology, Head of Laboratory ”Immunoregulation and tissue typing”
1996-1997: NCIPD, Department ”Virology”, acting as Head of Central Laboratory of AIDS
1998-2012: NCIPD, Department ”Immunology and Allergology”, Head of Laboratory ”Mediators of inflammation and immunity”
2012–2013: Medical Diagnostic Laboratory ”Med Dia”
2013– and currently General Hospital “St. Panteleimon”


Clinical Immunology
Immunopathology and Allergology
Other specialties: Immunology

Specializations, appearances:

1975: MCR, Clinical Research Center, Dept.Cell Pathology, Harrow, Middlesex, UK.
1976: Chester Beaty Res. Inst., Dept. Immunology, London, UK
1981-1982: IRSC, Lab. d’immunochemie, Villejuif, Paris, France
1986: Gamalea Institute, Dept. Immunology of Infectious Diseases, Lab. Tularemia, Moscow, Russia
1995: WHO Course “Immunology, Vaccinology & Biotechnology, Geneva/Lausanne, Switzerland
1999: IUIS Training and Certification Course in Clinical Immunology, Washington, USA
2000: Theoretical and practical course for work with Roche-HIV-PCR, February, Prague, Czech Republic
2001: EFIS-CIG Educational Session on IL-10 from molecular structure to therapeutics, Stockholm, Sweeden
2004 – Lecturer in ”UNESCO-ROSTE advance corse: Environment and Immunology: from allergic to infectious diseases in Eastern Europe”, Roma 22-26 Settembre 2004
2005 – Lecturer in 4th Session of Indo-Bulgarian Joint S&T Committee, New Delhi, September 2005
2005 – Participant in School course on TB infection, arranged by European Respiratory Society, Bucharest, Romania, October 2005
2006 – Lecturer in ”A Transfer Bio-Technology Company Mission in Diagnostics and Vaccine for Infectious Diseases”, Sofia, 15-16 November, 2006
2008 – Lecturer in Advanced course on vaccine immunology BulBio-NCIPD ltd. – NCIPD – University of Rome ”Tor Vergata” February 25-27, 2008

Associate Professor Dr. Rumyana Kirilova Markova, MD is a:

• Member of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria (USB)
• Member and Chairman of the Department of Immunology at USB
• Member of the Balkan Association of Immunological societies (BAIS)
• Member of the European Federation of Immunological societies (EFIS)
• Member of the International Union of Immunological societies (IUIS)
• Member of the European Society of Respiratory Medicine (ERS)
• Member and expert at the European Consortium for Tuberculosis (TBnet)
• Member of the International AIDS Society (IAS)
• Member of the Bulgarian Medical Association
• Expert at the Permanent Committee on Health and Sport NEAA


90 publications in national and international specialized scientific journals in the field of tumor and infectious immunology, in vitro immunodetection of tuberculosis infection, polybacterial immunostimulators.
Over 100 scientific reports before national and international forums.