Anesthesiology and Intensive care

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Most people think of the anesthesiologist as the person behind the mask, who helps them sleep through the operation and wakes them afterwards. Few realize that except ensuring patient’s comfort during the surgery, primary role of the anesthesiologist is to make informed medical decisions in the operation room in order to protect patient’s critical life functions, affected by the operation. Anesthesiologist is also the person to diagnose and treat any medical problem which may occur during the operation, or in the recovery period.

Prior to surgery, our team of highly qualified anesthesiologists performs precise and competent, full evaluation of patient’s physical condition, and monitors the balance of vital functions and patient’s reaction during the surgery, and after that in the reanimation room.

General Hospital ”Saint Pantaleimon – Sofia” offers expert consultative help, emergency medicine, emergency care, and reanimation for patients in critical condition.
At the hospital can also be performed one-day ambulatory surgical interventions for which we use up to date, quality medical supplies and medicaments.